Wednesday, September 21, 2011



I move with grace as I embrace the two headed snake
The storm is coming
They warned…
It is time to enter… 
The void
Become reborn
Here is where I truly realized that every rose does have its thorn
Roses…are meant to be admired….adored…
Other…wize we get pricked
For our own ignorant selfish greedy needs
Because we didn’t listen
To the rose
Who knows that it must be left alone to fully blossom and grow
But all we continue to do is suck it dry
Down to the hollowed bone
Now the sky is starting to groan
Thunder strikes
This is Gods voice
We destroyed our only home
Mother earth now has no choice
But to save her own life

We ripped her open with our sharp shiny knives
Now its our turn to lose our forsaken lives
For or bitter sins
The devil starts to grin because he believes he is going to win
But the peaceful spirits are just about to begin
To nurture the land once again
This is all apart of the master plan
For those who understand
Its time to command respect
For what is left
Take others by the hand
Show them the way to a brighter day
Tell them everything is gonna be alright
Once we go back to the earth….plant seeds…
Watch everything renew itself and give birth..
To a new world
Welcome home children
We are now in the 5th world
This time we must listen to the rose and the snake
And not make the same mistake 
For heavens sake
Good luck
It should be a piece of cake….

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