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Restore Consciousness ~ The People' Voice ~ Saturday April 14th

Lori Pirone ~> Restore Consciousness

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Restore Consciousness ~ The Peoples' Voice ~ Saturday April 14th

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Kids......the youth of the nation
let them be heard....
let them hear the truth...of reality
let them share their inner worlds of hopes, fears, dream, and desires.
allowing them to do this, will make their minds reach higher then the sky.
see their imaginations fly through our invisible wind
that shines when the sun rays penetrate their souls
kids are our shining stars shooting thought our universe.
kids are all apart of the different verses in our songs...
rhythms, melodies, and beats that tend to repeat its flow...
yet always pulse at a different pace...
 at a different time and always the same place....
orbiting through space.
we are all one working together as a team.... so nobody has to try and win this imaginary race.
lift up the youth of the nation, so our younger generation could be seen and heard... and fly higher....let their imaginations feel the fire this universe has to offer.....
which gives us this amazing desire to inspire...

"The youth of the nation receives all of the sensations that the higher generations deliver...whether it be good or bad, positive or is what we produce as a nation to our on coming generation.


I’m a little tiny fury little cute little caterpillar
wandering through our big wide world.
I find a branch to climb…
crawling slowly
taking my sweet old time.
when I finally got to the top of the branch,
I was so happy, I did a little dance
there were green leaves everywhere
for all of our creatures to share
so I munched on a bunch…
I ate those green leaves for breakfast, dinner, and lunch
until I got bigger and bigger
and fatter and fatter.
I didn’t stop until I felt like I was going to pop
but once I did stop
I don’t know why, but I got this sudden urge to fly high through our big blue sky.
So I looked up at the sky and closed my eyes and repeatedly said
“give me wings so I could fly” (3X)
In my mind, I started spinning…
then the urge took it’s full force
I really started spinning… I was spinning
round and round and round and round (3X)
 as if the world was my very own merry go round
so I laughed with glee
almost making myself have to pee
I laughed so much, I didn’t even realize…
I spun myself inside my very own cocoon.
I said, “oh boy, I hope I get out of here soon”
so I waited and waited and waited and meditated and waited.
until finally…
one magical morning everything seemed brighter…
colors of the rainbow…
flourished inside my cocoon
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
then all of the sudden I got the urge to break free,
so on the count of three
I pushed and pushed…
 then finally….
“ah ha, I’m free, what’s this?
I have wings…I could fly
I’m a butterfly
I have wings…I have wings
I could fly
my wish came true”! 
So I flew high through our big blue sky.
Looking down I noticed,
I smiled to myself and thought…mmm…one day there wish to fly high through our big blue sky will come true too!


The erected flower blossomed
As the morning sun arose.
The scent aroused my senses..
Its presence was all around me…
and my body.
Each vibrational pulse penetrates
Through our souls…allowing electrical currents to flow…
Slow…forming a beautiful rainbow inside our eyes
And throughout our magical sky…
(we belong in a world where time doesn’t fly, but out souls do)
With flowers…there is no darkness.
There is only a beautiful essence that leaves
Trails of diamonds
illuminating our minds…
Creating reflections and dimensions
Within our reach
Allowing us to be able to teach with pride
So others could appreciate and enjoy this amazing