Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Space is a place
where different minds are combined
spread out and intertwined
no invisible lines to separate this great divine.
Hidden eyes to see with,
not to be blinded by all of our pollution
there is a solution,
but we all must be willing to make a contribution
when water is no longer able to act as a dilution,
there will be no more purity on planet earth…
no more birth…just death.
I don’t think I need to say the rest.
so just hold your breath and count to three
and hopefully our souls will be set free
when this beautiful earth is under the big blue sea.
I hope you understand and make a stand
tell our people to save this land.
we all need to work together and lend a hand.
If not…we will all be damned!
(Now we need to think of a plan)
Even the smoke knows the way…
Why don’t we?

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