Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holographic UNI-VERSE

There is no need for manipulation
Only resistance will mani-fest
This is just another test
So just rest your mind and unwind
Soon you will find the holographic uni-verse
And come to realize that there is only one verse
And there is plenty of time to rehearse
Before you end up in a hearse
So be here NOW
And converse with each other
Understand the master plan
We are all apart of
Its okay to stray
But once the water overflows at bay
It is time to come together
So we can all float above and feel as light as a feather
We all have the power to change the weather
Where we can have sunshine and rainbows
We must remember to bow to our rainbows and be thankful
For our blessings here
Let’s switch gears and move at a slower pace
There is no race
Why would we want our consciousness to erase?
Now lets cut to the chase
We are all on planet earth
Orbiting through outer space
galaxies circling around
not knowing which way is up or down
lets get out of town
And act like a bunch of clowns
We can make crazy different sounds
Everybody will want to spin around
We will all mold together a truly see that we
Each vibration
Each penetration
Out and in
Nobody is here to win or lose
Let’s just get down and groove
There is nothing to prove
Sooth each others minds bodies and souls
Console each other
Breathe with each other
Plant seeds with each other
Uplift each other
Help each other
Build a movement of peace
Love, understanding, hope, and compassion…
Let’s dance
In a trance
Mesmerize me…
Don’t disguise me
Vision fireflies glowing
Unborn stars bursting….buzzing
Waiting to bloom
Don’t worry we will all be coming home soon
Back to our mother land
So just simply understand to enjoy your life
Moment by moment
Sweet breath
And remember to exhale
The color of death is pale
But don’t worry
The experience won’t be stale
This is why I am here today to share this ancient tale
And no it didn’t come in the mail
I gained this wisdom by wandering through a mysterious dark trail
Deep in the forest
Receiving whispers from the warm gentle breeze
The soothing sound of the leaves shimmering on the trees
I fell to my knees and surrendered
I see you
I feel you
I understand!
It feels so good to let go of your fears
Tears of happiness fell from my eyes
I began to realize that rain brings life and love
Sent from above
The earth wants us to swim through her mud
To feel her from within
To smell
To taste
To hear
To see all the colors
To see all the darkness
To absorb everything before our material bodies are absorbed
Oh thank you lord
For this magical journey
We will meet again
Oh yes
We will meet again!

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